Mignola on Darkness Calls Mini

Hellboy creator Mike Mignola recently discussed the 2006 Hellboy miniseries, Darkness Calls. Mignola will be handling story duties and will be leaving the art to Duncan Fegredo.

?Like Guy Davis, and unlike me, Duncan can draw anything,? commented Mike Mignola. ?He can draw the real world, he can capture the mystery and the atmosphere that the book needs?but he?s also a fantastic cartoonist, so he can keep the life and the humor that I try to get in my stuff. I?ve always loved his stuff. He?s a f*****g genius.?

Read more about Darkness Calls at ComicBookResources.com. Also, check out a little preview of Fegredo’s Hellboy below.

Hellboy: Darkness Calls is expected to debut September of next year.


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