Join our Pacific Rim Grassroots Marketing Team!

Get the word out to the masses about Pacific Rim by being a part of’s grassroots marketing effort!

If you love GDT’s work and want to play a part in promoting the film, all you have to do is follow the steps below.  Your impact will be tracked daily as the DelToroFilms analytic staff will be monitoring social media trends.

Marketing a film is a team effort, and passionate fans like you can be a part of that team!  Stand up for GDT and encourage the world to “Cancel the Apocalypse!”

  1. Twitter users:  Post Pacific Rim links, articles and videos with the hashtags #pacificrim and #deltoropacrim.  Make it a habit to tweet anything you see on the DTF website, forums or twitter page (@deltorofilms).
  2. Facebook users:
    1. “Like” the DelToroFilms Facebook page (
    2. “Share” and “Like” any Pacific Rim post on the Facebook page for your Facebook friends to see
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