John Carpenter on Masters of Horror

Horror genius John Carpenter granted an interview with about VU Games’ new horror PC shooter F.E.A.R. and also Showtime’s new Masters of Horror series. In the interview, he talks about how the Masters of Horror project got started, and has something funny to say about a favorite director of ours:

Well, the “masters of horror,” we’re a bunch of bums who get together and have dinner and commiserate about the movie business. To hear Guillermo del Toro singing Christmas carols to a table nearby was just the height of surrealism and joy. So we kept getting together to talk and one of our members, Mick Garris, had the idea. “Why don’t we do a series, guys? Let’s put on a show!” So lo and behold, he hoodwinked us into it.

The Masters of Horror official website can be found here. The world premiere is on October 28 with Don Coscarelli’s Incident On And Off A Mountain Road.

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