Interview with Mike Elizalde

Mike Elizalde, president and co-founder of Spectral Motion, was interviewed by (and more importantly, our pal Typhon25). Lot of Hellboy goodness, and plenty of props to our man GDT. Here’s a quote from Elizalde:

… I think that nurturing, almost paternal quality that Guillermo has really helps, it really propelled us ?Y?know, you don?t have that advantage all the time, on productions?you don?t have that kind of involvement from the director, that passionate leadership, and that really influenced in no small part the success that we had with the designs on that show. And I think it shows in the film, too, the final product speaks for itself. You can tell that it?s a labor of love.

Also, note some tidbits on Fantastic Four and X3. Great work Typhon24!

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