HOBBIT Teaser Released

Ah…what might have been….

You can’t help but wonder if the delays in the HOBBIT production had never happened, we would be watching a Guillermo-directed HOBBIT teaser.  However, as the cliche goes: “past is prologue”.  A fresh start is underway for Guillermo with PACIFIC RIM (now filming in Toronto), and the legion of fans (legion?  how many people in a legion?) are impatiently waiting for a first glimpse of GDT’s mechanized monster movie. 

So as THE HOBBIT teaser is released – and it is fantastic – we strain for a glimpse of GDT’s fingerprints on it (he IS co-writer still), but really all I find is a “what might have been” sensation in the back of my mind.  I’m sure Guillermo has the same feeling.

Enjoy the teaser!

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