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Previously, DTF posted some info on Hobbit casting for extras. Reports are surfacing on the internet that that information may not be accurate.

Here is the latest report on HOBBIT casting from the Noldor Blog. Hopefully, this information is correct.

First though, some helpful advice for applying:

They will only consider you for a role if you can actually work in New Zealand. That is, you MUST have NZ Tax number. If you do not have one, do not bother to apply, you’ll only be wasting their time (and yours). So, you must be either a NZ Citizen or Permanent Resident or have a temporary working visa that would see you through the entire filming schedule. NZ law says we must hire locals before we can even consider bringing in overseas people, unless they perform a task that can not be performed by locals (eg, principle actors). Extras are totally replacable. Think of extras as glorified props.

It appears they will only accept physical mail, not email or fax.
They will be looking for clear photographs of your head, straight on and profile, and also a full bodyshot (clothed, please!) face on as well as profile. It helps if they can see how many limbs you still have, for instance.
Once you have sent them the photos and a return address, they will in all likelihood send you a proper application form with a bunch of relevant questions – other skills, measurements for clothing sizes, shoe sizes, that sort of thing. So, make sure you send them your return address.

Do not bother to tell them what you think you’d be most suitable at (hobbit, elf, human, orc, whatever). They will decide that on viewing the photos. Generally, most people will want to be a hobbit or an elf anyway, but will end up being an orc or a dead dwarf, and in the background. Still sound like fun? Read on! :)

The address to send your photos to :

Hobbit Extras Application
3 Foot 7 Limited
PO Box 15104
Wellington 6243


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