Hellboy Rated #8 by Salon.com

Thanks to Valaria on the Hellboard for letting us know about this one:

And on salon.com, Stephanie Zacharek put HELLBOY at #8 on her list of the 10 Best Films of 2004.

[8) “Hellboy” — Like most stories based on comic books, “Hellboy,” in which Ron Perlman plays a hulking, beer-guzzling, butt-kicking, red-skinned demon with the tenderest of hearts, has a deeply moral underpinning. But director Guillermo del Toro is less interested in your standard-issue battle between good and evil than he is in exploring the nooks and crannies of human vulnerability. Having superpowers doesn’t mean you can escape pain — in fact, it may mean you’re destined to suffer some things more acutely. “Hellboy” is a superhero movie with soul.

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