Hellboy for PSP

Sony’s new handheld video game system, the PlayStation Portable (PSP), will be able to play digital movies. Hellboy will be one of the first films released. Here are some details pulled from the L.A. Times (from Reuters):

The home video unit of Sony Corp. said it would release four movies in April on a disc format designed for Sony’s PlayStation Portable hand-held video game device.

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment said it would release “XXX,” “Hellboy,” “Resident Evil 2″ and “Once Upon a Time in Mexico” on April 19 in the Universal Media Disc, or UMD, format, with additional monthly releases in the future. The unit did not set a price for the discs.

Sony Computer Entertainment of America will release the PSP in North America on March 24 with a bundled copy of the movie “Spider-Man 2.”

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