Hellboy Easter Eggs

Here you go – more DVD Easter Eggs. I pulled these from DVDTown.com for the Hellboy Special Edition DVD.

Disc 1.

#1 DelTorro?s apology for the way he read the introduction from his cue cards.
From the main menu.
Move up from the introduction selection.

#2 Access 42 funny ?overheard at the monitors? quotes from Guillermo DelToro.
From special features.
Move down from the main menu option.
You can scroll through the quotes using the left and right buttons.

#3 Dvd production credits.
From Special features menu.
Highlight main menu.
Press down twice, this will highlight the crown.
Press “Enter.”

Disc 2.

#1 Find an animated storyboard for an alternate opening scene!
In Kroenen?s Lair.
Choose animatics.
Hit down arrow twice.

#2 A computer generated skeletal version of the apocalypse tracking shot and close-up sequence.
From the Board-A-Matics Menu.
Move down from the “back” option.

#3 A storyboard comparison of the climactic space devil hatching sequence.
Again in Kroener?s Lair.
Go to the storyboard comparisons.
Move down from the ?back? option.

If anyone knows the Easter Eggs for the Hellboy Director’s Cut DVD, send them to me.

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