HELLBOY 2 Set Report

CHUD and Latino Review have recently posted details of their recent HELLBOY 2 set visit in Budapest. You can read their excellent reports using the links above, but here is a general summary of their report:

  • It sounds like morale on the set is great and everyone is really excited to be a part of this movie. You get the sense that the crew and actors all feed off of GDT’s spirit and enthusiasm
  • General consensus is that this movie will be much bigger and epic than the first HELLBOY film. CHUD described it as a “huge, character driven quirky superhero monsters and mythology movie.” And it definitely sounds like it will be HEAVY on the monsters – with a great majority of them being done with makeup and costume. The makeup and special effects are being done by is Spectral Motion and The Creature Shop and Solution Studios
  • GDT has hired Jackie Chan’s stunt people to put together the fight choreography – so I would expect some fun, inventive, fast paced fight action.

More interviews and stories are expected from CHUD and Latino Review, so make sure you subscribe to DTF’s email notifications feature on the main page to be notified by email of any breaking HELLBOY 2 news!

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