Hellboy 2 News!

Guillermo stopped by the message board and gave some great tidbits on the Hellboy 2 script. Here are the highlights:

On the script:
The script is evolving EXACTLY as it was ?pitched? there is one ?minor major? change, but until the script gets approved it would be pandemonium to reveal it…NO Nazi involvement on this one. Just a tiny flash of Kroenen and one pal. But is barely a vignette. I AM thinking of HB III and hope we can make it an all-pulp extravaganza!! I leave two strong character storylines open at the end of HBII?s script so we can explore stuff.

Is Selma Blair in HII?
Indeed she will. And you should expect a very different Liz from the first one. She has made peace with her powers and she got the red guy, right??

Is Abe returning?
Oh…Abe IS returning in a big way!!

To read GDT’s entire post, go to the Questions Thread on the message board.

Thanks, GDT, and thanks everyone for the great questions.

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