Guillermo Del Toro to Co-Produce MEG

Well, that’s the rumor, anyway. GDT has not confirmed this himself, but, AintItCoolNews, and Variety are reporting the story. Here is part of the AintItCoolNews story:

When Steve Alten’s book MEG: PRIMAL WATERS ran out its time in development at Disney, the author got cracking on a script he passed to Nick, while Nunziata was interviewing him. Nick went bonkers for the thing, passed it to Guillermo Del Toro – another of them nice as hell guys – actually listened. Now isn’t that something? And he read the script – and more so – he agreed that it was great. Then Guillermo got Larry Gordon and Lloyd Levin interested. And the whole lot of em got Jan De Bont interested in directing this tale of Jurassic era Carcharodon Megalodon – the triple quadruple great great grand-daddy on the evolutionary path that led to the Great White Shark which choke upon the over-stuffed bodies of South Austin Internet Journalists… Now that group… well, they’ve gone and got New Line Cinema all aflutter about a new terror in the deep. The film is on a fast track for next summer.

Many thanks to Mr Tod on our message board for bringing this story to our attention.


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