Goyer Interview with MovieHole.net

Goyer gives a very interesting interview with MovieHole, and touches on several interesting topics, such as the future of Blade, The Flash, and Batman Begins

Guillermo gets a brief mention when Goyer talks about working with Wesley Snipes, and his desire to wear his sunglasses during the Blade movies:

…when he’s got his sunglasses on, I don?t think you?re as connected to him. He wanted to wear sunglasses in the interrogation scene. I told him ?Police aren?t going to let you wear sunglasses in the Interrogation?. I won that argument, but he just refused to take his sunglasses off, and Guillermo [del Toro] had a number of similar arguments with him on the second film. It?s unfortunate because he?s a really great actor.

Thanks to Hellmistress for sending us this one!

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