Goyer Creates Threshold for CBS

Blade II writer David Goyer is creating a pilot for CBS called Threshold. Here are some details pulled off DarkWorlds.com:

THRESHOLD: BLADE creator David Goyer told the SCI FI Channel?s online news service that he?s at work on a pilot for THRESHOLD, a CBS series he called “a science fiction show for people who don’t like science fiction.” He elaborated: “(THRESHOLD) has to do with alien invasions, although people will never really see the aliens involved. And it’s meant to be filmed in a more low-tech way, like 28 DAYS LATER or something like that. (It?s) a way of telling a very big story in a kind of microcosmic arena.”

And here are some more details pulled from some website that I can’t remember (I’m a helluva news guy, ain’t I?):

Charles S. Dutton (“Roc”) is the first to be cast in the drama pilot, about a female government contingency analyst who leads a team of scientists and military personnel to respond to the threat of a mysterious alien lifeform. No details were given about his character in the project, which comes from Paramount Network Television and executive producers David Goyer, David Heyman, Bragi Schut, Mark Rosen and Brannon Braga.

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