Get Ready to BE AFRAID

Promotion for GDT’s new film, DON’T BE AFRAID OF THE DARK, is really ramping up in preparation of its August 26th release date!  Check out some of the buzz online:

  • Make sure you start your online quest by visiting the official website at
  • It is DON’T BE AFRAID OF THE DARK week at our partner site, Fanboy Confidential.  Already posted is a review of BLACKWOOD’S GUIDE TO DANGEROUS FAIRIES and a Troy Nixey interview
  • Here is a nice interview with GDT and Katie Holmes from Reuters
  • And here is an interview with Guy Pearce from DreadCentral.
  • GDT lists his “Favorite Fright Flicks” to the Chicago Sun-Times.
  • Guillermo gives an update on all his projects to NYMag.
  • Check out GeekDad’s two-part interview with Guillermo here and here.  Here is a great quote from this interview:

I think that Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark is tapping into the most primal, almost universal, childhood fears. That’s what attracted me from the get-go to the idea of making this remake, a complete re-telling of this story. The movie from 1973 was about a very specific, abusive relationship between a husband and wife, and it was very much a product of its time. … I decided to turn it into a sort of a very dark fairy tale. Precisely, as I say, that taps into universal fears — the invasion of the more intimate spaces, the home, the bedroom, the bed — and little by little we show that these creatures can be anywhere at any time, watching from the dark.

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