GDT Twitter Q&A with Digital Spy

If you were paying attention to our Twitter account, @deltorofilms, we informed you that Digital Spy was going to do a Twitter Q&A with GDT. Lucky for us, they filmed the whole thing!

Topics of note:

Next year, Palace Press will be releasing a “big coffee table book” containing all his diary contents.  GDT said it will be a “big, expensive, heavy book” that will show pages from his famous journal with explanations on the side. He also said there will be a limited edition facsimile of the diaries available.

GDT says the MIMIC director’s cut DVD is still in limbo, and will be until Miramax is purchased.  He says he is “super happy” with the director’s cut. “It is a better movie, I think it is more understandable, a bit more cohesive. I love the movie. I hope it gets released because then I can say I like all my movies!”


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