GDT puts THE STRAIN on FX, plus more

After months of quietly twiddling our thumbs will Guillermo worked on post for PACIFIC RIM (“Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!”) – we finally get some big news:  THE STRAIN is heading to FX. has a great article with all the details, and what we learn is that FX has ordered a pilot to be co-written, directed and executive produced by GDT himself.  Also writing, of course, will be THE STRAIN series co-author Chuck Hogan.  Running the show will be LOST’S co-runner Carlton Cuse.

THE STRAIN comes full circle, since years ago Guillermo thought of bringing it to Fox television. When that didn’t go down, he asked Hogan to help him write a book trilogy.

The series incredible success, along with the popularity of shows like THE WALKING DEAD and AMERICAN HORROR STORY, led Guillermo’s chilling vampire story back to television.

GDT and FX both imagine this show as a having a limited run for about three to five seasons, with Guillermo directing as many episodes as he can.

GDT also headed to HBO

Along with THE STRAIN, the HULK series at ABC, Guillermo will now also be  producing Corinne May Botz’s HBO drama NUTSHELL STUDIES.  According to the Hollywood Reporter, the 1950′s period drama will feature a “small-town housewife” solving brutal crimes. This show, I believe, fits right in to Guillermo’s love of Hitchcock and crime noir.

Also, check out this link to read about the REAL “Nutshell Studies” – could this be the basis for the series?

MAMA trailer appears online

And Guillermo’s latest producing effort, MAMA, now has a trailer online.  GDT has a strong track record with producing some great chillers, including JULIA’S EYES, THE ORPHANAGE and SPLICE.  MAMA looks to be another strong edition to Guillermo’s producing credits.  Watch below:

PACIFIC RIM to be post-converted to 3D

Warner Bros has announced that they will post-convert Guillermo’s blockbuster epic PACIFIC RIM into 3D.  Depending on who you are, you will either celebrate or cringe.  After all, Guillermo never intended the film to be 3D, and converting it afterwards seems to be another example of the studio messing with G’s art.  But no worries – the film will be shown in its true 2D form, and Guillermo has not shown any concern on our message boards, saying that post is going well. And hey, if you are a real GDT fan, why not pay for it twice and see which version you like better?  I’m sure Guillermo would welcome the idea!

HOBBIT Trailer 2 Released

Even though Guillermo’s contributions to THE HOBBIT project have largely been kept silent and swept under the rug, I would be remiss if I didn’t post the latest trailer.  What do you think?  Do some GDT elements still remain? I doubt you will see anything in the way of design, direction or cinematography – but maybe you can detect his words…or his sense of humor. He is still listed as co-writer of the screenplay.  What do you think?

Kung Fu Panda 3

And Po is coming back for number 3 – and Guillermo will once again serve as executive producer.  Look for this one in March of 2016.

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