GDT on Pan’s Creatures

Guillermo talked to SciFiWire about the creatures of Pan’s Labyrinth – how they were imagined, how they were constructed, etc.. There is some really interesting tidbits about the Pale man in this interview. Here is an excerpt:

I wanted him to be a perversion of power, like the Church or the government, and I put stigmatas on his hands, not very subtle. I received a sculpture of the old man’s beautifully rendered face from the FX company, and I did this drawing, and I erased the features because I felt that it needed to be the imagination of a little girl. I remembered when I was a kid I used to draw my hands with a crayon, and I’d put a mouth or an eye. So I thought, ‘Well, if he has stigmatas, I’m sticking the eyes in there.’ That’s the way my logic works.

Enjoy! Props to Ian Spelling for such an interesting read.

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