GDT on Hellboy II

There have been a lot of stories going around about Hellboy 2 being delayed, perhaps GDT will not direct, etc. Guillermo addressed the rumors on our message board:

HBII: THE GOLDEN ARMY is currently being “put together” financially by Larry Gordon et al-

HBII is still my number one priority and no one is contemplating my “stepping down” just yet. It is highly unlikely -albeit possible- that it would happen but that would require a series of unfortunate finacial, logistic, personal events that seem remote at best. More likely than not, if the project were to stall I would still be attached as writer/director.

The timing for HBII seems right, what with the anime, game, comic book series, toys, etc. I believe that HB and the BPRD are -more than ever- in the public?s mind. One bit of good news or all Abe fans. Abe has a really dramatic role in this new story…

Thanks for the update Guillermo!

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