GDT is going inSANE

Guillermo Del Toro and THQ delivered a teaser trailer and a game title for their much anticipated video game collaboration at the 2010 Video Game Awards last Saturday.

We now know that the game series will be entitled “inSANE”, and GDT will serve as an “external creative director.  Interestingly enough, reports that Del Toro and THQ will also collaborate on “potential transmedia projects”, and that while THQ owns the rights to the games, GDT will hold to rights to any filmed entertainment products surrounding the games.

As The Simpsons’ Montgomery Burns would say, “It is all falling into place.”

With GDT’s collaboration with THQ, and the recent opening of his new “transmedia” production studio, we can see that with this deal, Guillermo may finally be implementing his vision of using multiple media platforms to tell stories. It is entirely possible that he could be releasing “companion” works (animated films? books?) that help form the narrative of the video games.

Here is something interesting I noticed – go to the official “inSANE” website (just launched).  Look at the logos at the bottom.  There is a DOUBLE DARE YOU logo!

 Some of you may recall that DOUBLE DARE YOU was originally a production label GDT had formed with Disney to create animated features. To my knowledge, this partnership was dissolved.  Why is it showing up on the THQ official site?  That is a mystery – but I do recall Del Toro mentioning DDY being a foray into transmedia storytelling. Here is what he told DelToroFilms in September 2009:

 I have been planning this, my new relationship with PIXAR/DISNEY for a couple of years ago> I have a plan and I have been carefully pursuing it- and, no, it didn’t start with THE HOBBIT. It predates it by a long while. I am trying to map out the next 10 years of my creative life and I’m touching the narrative forms I am interested on. That will include books, animation and games aside from films. I intend to be fluent in those languages and mediums, not as a user but as a practitioner.

Is it possible Guillermo is still using the DOUBLE DARE YOU production label for his transmedia projects?  We will have to find out. Interestingly enough, the DDY logo links back to!

No additional details are available about that game itself.  Below is the teaser trailer and a red carpet interview from the 2010 VGAs.  Let us know your thoughts!

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