GDT and Mexican Wrestling

Guillermo has mentioned before that he has a passion for the classic “Mexican wrestling movies.” With Jack Black’s new film, Nacho Libre (directed by Napolean Dynomite’s Jared Hess), mexican wrestling is back in the news. A recent article from Relish talks about Nacho Libre and, sure enough, Guillermo is quoted in it. Here is his take on the Mexican wrestling films:

“They can be dismissed as sort of low-end rip-offs of other genre films made in America,” said the Mexican director Guillermo Del Toro, whose latest work, Pan’s Labyrinth, opens this year. The movies have a “surreal logic to them,” he said, “and sometimes they achieve almost a dreamlike quality. There is a zany, non-Anglo sensibility that is less sophisticated, but far more charming in many ways.”

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