Exclusive Guy Davis PACIFIC RIM Art Gallery

Concept and Comic artist Guy Davis has become a driving force in monster creation for Guillermo ever since he was tapped to work on the stalled AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS film in 2010.  Since then, he has worked on Guillermo’s InSANE video game, PACIFIC RIM, PINOCCHIO, THE STRAIN TV series and CRIMSON PEAK.  Comic fans, of course, grew to love his artwork from 2003-2010 on the Dark Horse B.P.R.D. comic.

Guy even storyboarded Guillermo’s Treehouse of Horror “couch gag”!

DELTOROCON has an exclusive gallery of Guy’s PACIFIC RIM artwork. Check it out below!

PACIFIC RIM is available on BluRayDVD, or download on iTunes and Google Play.

You can learn more about Guy on his official website: http://www.guydavisartworks.com/

And, just for fun – here is Guy and Guillermo’s SIMPSONS creation

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