Durand primed to exterminate THE STRAIN

With the news earlier this week of  Corey Stoll being cast as the lead in GdT , Hogan,and Cuse’s FX series THE STRAIN…Comes news of  ”LOST” vet Keven Durand joining the cast.

Durand will play Vasily Fet, a second-generation Ukrainian-American and rat exterminator by trade who enthusiastically joins the war against the vampires. Under the mentorship of a wise vampire hunter from Eastern Europe, Fet discovers his formerly solitary life now has meaning.

The role reunites Durand with former Lostshowrunner Cuse, who will serve in the same capacity should the pilot be ordered to series. Del Toro and Hogan will co-write the pilot with the former set to direct the FX Productions vehicle.

Source: THR

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