Doug Jones is ‘Skin & Bones’

On Thursday, July 31, our pal Doug Jones is starring in Skin & Bones an episode of the NBC horror show FEAR ITSELF.

Here is a description of the show’s plot from an article in Fangoria magazine: “ focuses on Grady, a rancher who returns to his horse farm after a week lost in the surrounding mountains. His emaciated appearance is startling enough, but his loved ones soon discover that what now resides inside him is far worse..”

I have never watched this show, but I’m excited to see Doug carry a horror story – it sounds great. Director Larry Fessenden spoke very highly of Doug’s performance, saying, “He is so spectacular, it’s really remarkable and I believe it’ll be remembered as an iconic episode, and this little minifilm of Doug’s performance.”

So be sure to watch tomorrow, support Doug, and let us know what you thought of Skin & Bones.

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