Doug Jones Interview III

The new Doug Jones interview is up at Development-Hell, and it even has some Hellboy 2 goodness. Here’s an excerpt:

No deal has ever been made for me, yet. And even thought IMDB already has it up on my page as a done deal, it has not been a worked deal at all. So there?s gonna be a bit of a negotiation to go through on all sorts of levels to make this happen. But creatively only speaking, Guillermo has not made any noises that it will not be me. So that?s what I can say about that. He does have a script, and I haven?t seen any part of it yet myself. When I go back to Spain to work on Pan?s Labyrinth, there was a bit of a wink wink that I might get to see some paaaages?.And he said that the role of Abe, he said that I?m going to be very happy with it for part two.

Nice work, Typhon24.

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