Del Toro to Produce Collora film?

According to, Del Toro will produce a film by Sandy Collora, maker of the cult hit short film Batman: Dead End:

“Batman: Dead End” (2003) — This mother of all Batman short films is a labor of love by Sandy Collora, a filmmaker and designer whose work can be seen in “The Abyss,” “Men in Black” and “Jurassic Park.” His fan film has the Dark Knight chasing down the Joker and running smack dab into a “dead end” where Alien and Predator, two of moviedom’s most famous extraterrestrials, look to kick some major Bat butt. After the buzz-heavy film made rounds on the Web and comic shows, Collora was inundated with film offers and is currently partnering with Guillermo del Toro (“Hellboy”), who will produce.

To watch Batman: Dead End, go to iFilms.

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