The American Film Market in Santa Monica, CA, is playing the Spanish language drama CR?NICAS, a film produced by Guillermo del Toro.

As reported by Fangoria:

John Leguizamo stars as a scuzzy tabloid reporter (is there any other kind?) who begins covering the case of The Monster, a maniac in Ecuador responsible for a string of awful child murders. Writer/director Sebasti?n Cordero, however, is more interested in exposing how far the media will go in tracking an explosive story than he is in exploiting the usual serial-killer formula. CR?NICAS opens with a horrifying sequence (the film?s most gut-wrenching and difficult-to-watch moment) in which grieving villagers beat and set fire to a man (Dami?n Alc?zar) after he accidentally runs over a boy with his truck. The callous news team, meanwhile, shoots this vigilante “justice” without interceding. The message here isn?t anything new, but the actors make CR?NICAS.

Thanks to Typhon24 for posting this on the Hellboy Board.


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