COMICDOM interview with Mignola

Got a nice interview from ComicDom with Mike Mignola. Very well written, and has a brief Del Toro mention:

COMICDOM: Did your close involvemnet with the film cloud your objectivity about the final result? How do you feel about the film now?
MIGNOLA: Yes. The thing I am happiest about with the film is that, even though it’s quite different from the comic, fans of the comic seem to like it. They except it as a parallel universe, the Del Toro universe (editor’s note: Guillermo Del Toro is the director of the film) version of my work.

COMICDOM: Does the mood of the film compliment your own sense of pace in the comic book form?
MIGNOLA: The comic and the film are two different animals. From the very beginning I told Del Toro I would rather see the film work as a “Del Toro film” than as just an imitation of the comic. The comic is what it is. Let the film be separate.

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