Cold as the Mountains

Its cold here in Indiana.

I think it will get down to -7 this weekend. That’s without windchill.

As I was walking in the dark to get my morning paper the other day (in my bathrobe and slippers) at 6 in the morning (the kid gets up at 5:30, so that means I get up at 5:30), it made me think how great the cold is for staging a good scary movie.

Dark. Desolate. Cold. The sting of the wind. Extreme cold is just a great storytelling device. I thought 30 DAYS OF NIGHT, although just being an above average movie/comic, used the setting brilliantly. Also THE THING ranks right up there (maybe even at the top) of great “horror movies in the snow”.

I think horror fans are just waiting to see a GIANT horror film that takes us to the inescapable bitter cold.

That film should be AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS, don’t you agree?

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