CHUD posts DARK poster and interview

The news is starting to ramp up out of SDCC, and the first scoop comes from CHUD, who has posted the exclusive SDCC teaser poster from DON’T BE AFRAID OF THE DARK (click below to download!).

Also, CHUD has posted a nice interview with directory Troy Nixey and Guillermo Del Toro.

Of particular interest from the interview is Nixey’s story of how he got the directing job:

Guillermo was familiar with my comic book work with Mike Mignola so when I sent him an image from my short to his public email address he responded back immediately with some very encouraging words. I was still working on the short when you came to Vancouver for a set visit. We hit it off immedately. I showed you the work in progress, you liked it and then proceeded to harass me until it was completed. Guillermo was in prep on HBII at the time so you ripped it, put it up on an FTP site and made him watch it. I still remember the day you forwarded me his email, saying that he really liked it and then called a few minutes later to tell me he wanted to talk. The phone call with Guillermo was a little surreal, here I was talking to one of my all time favorite directors and not only did he really enjoy my short but he offered me the directing job. I remember hanging up and looking around for someone to tell but I was standing in the middle of the financial district in Vancouver during lunch looking at a bunch of people in suits eating salads, they wouldn’t have appreciated the situation. Haha.


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