Cheers and Jeers for the New TV Season

I’m slowly catching up on my television watching. The new season has been going for a couple of weeks now, so I’m ready to present my Cheers and Jeers for the new season (TV Guide, eat your heart out!)


Supernatural: This show keeps getting better and better. Bringing Dean back from the bowels of hell will add a great new subplot to the season. Sam is growing more and more powerful, which add even more mystery to the new season. Plus the show is damn funny and loaded with inside jokes for movie and music buffs.

Ghost Hunters: I am addicted to this show on Sci Fi. Most people will roll their eyes at the “experiences” caught on tape, but I think the show is great entertainment, and this season in particular has me scratching my head at some of the evidence from the other side.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: This show is tasteless, crass, and hilarious. It goes beyond politically correct and it just doesn’t care who is offended. In my opinion, the funniest show on television. This year’s season premiere involving cannibalism and hunting humans is par for the course on how far this show will go for laughs.


Heroes: A very disappointing season premiere. Lazy writing dogged this episode, with no logical setup to the “secret formula” being lost, and the revelation for concocting a “Heroes syrum” was much too simple. The Sylar moment with the cheerleader was worthwhile, but for now this show has a long way to go before it matches its previous brilliance.

Smallville: More of the same – Clark’s identity is in crisis and he gets help from the cheesy Justice League. Worse, Lex Luthor is missing. My only hope is that Doomsday makes an appearance and the Clark/Lois romance finally kicks into high gear. Props at least for finally moving the farm boy to Metropolis and the Daily Planet – but when do we get to see the trademark glasses?


I didn’t get a chance to see Fringe – I missed recording it. It will have to wait until DVD – do you have any early reviews?

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