Blade: The Series Premiers Tonight

I hope you got SpikeTV in your cable package, because Blade premieres tonight! (Check local listings for start time).

Here are some early reviews:

Happily, Goyer’s touch can be seen all over the pilot, which he co-wrote. Boasting more wit, polish and attention to detail than generally found in the genre, Blade: The Series rivals The Invisible Man (2000, Sci Fi) and Witch- blade (2000, TNT) as among the most promising sci-fi debuts in recent memory.
Baltimore Sun.

Ten minutes into “Blade: The Series,” the titular hero has buried an ax in a vampire’s knee, cut the monster’s throat and released a huge gout of blood.

The leap from cinema to television evidently hasn’t diminished Blade’s love of killing the undead. Blade still tools around decaying cities on his motorcycle. Still wears leather, a huge sword and shades.
The Plain Dealer

Where Buffy the Vampire Slayer took a mediocre film and elevated it to TV art, Blade doesn’t even try to improve on the loud, flashily hollow movies. It’s just more of the same martial artlessness. I kept expecting to see Batman-style OOF! BAM! graphics on screen. TV Guide

You be the judge and post your review tomorrow on the Message Board.

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