Are You On the BSG Train?

Battlestar Galactica. New episode. Reactions?


Man, I have no idea where they are going with this, but I’m pretty sure there is some cyclical history of man and cylon nuking each other over and over again.

And who is Starbuck? What is Starbuck? Does Starbuck drink Starbuck’s? One shot of Espresso or Two? I want the truth! (I’m afraid I can’t handle the truth.)

And the last Cylon is Colonel Tigh’s wife? Never would have guessed it. So where is she now? Did she download into my iPod? I gotta check….nope. Not there either. Dammit.

Red Mercury – where are you? I KNOW you have opinions. I thought you were going to blow a blood vessel talking BSG with Seth on a Beverly Hills streetcorner! You guys were discussing theories and I banished you to the other side of the street. Or I banished myself. Either way – were you right?

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