Allie on The Island reprinting

jnapper at CBR Forums talked with Scott Allie on The Island #2 reprinting. As you recall, the comic was delayed a week due to a problem with color on the cover. Here are the details:

He approved the reprint on Wednesday.

The problem with the colors (per the first attempt) was that the blue on HB (on the cover) was darker than the black was. He thought it hurt the overall effect– and since they’ve never had Hellboy blue on a cover, they wanted it right. The interiors on both printings were very good, only the cover was wonky per the first attempt.

He said sorry that everyone had to wait a week to get it– it should definitely be in stores this week, and the blue on the copy he got Wednesday was very, very accurate.

As an aside, he felt there was no collector value to the first printing, because the only difference is the density of inks, so he hopes no one spends a lot of time trying to hunt it down, etc.

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