Ain’t It Cool? Pan’s Labyrinth

Harry from Ain’t It Cool News posted a blurb on the Pan’s Labyrinth script while reporting on Doug Jones being cast as Pan. Here’s what he had to say:

I’ve had the pleasure of reading Guillermo Del Toro’s next Spanish Language gothic fairy tale. This will complete a trilogy of Guillermo’s own grim fairy tales that began with CRONOS continued with THE DEVIL’S BACKBONE and is carried through with PAN’S LABRYNTH which is most definitely the largest in scope. Think about LABRYNTH – but scary, no songs, a far younger more vulnerable girl, very real problems to be escaping from… and in this case a very real destiny – but whether it is a happy one or a tragic one… I’ll leave that to you – but ponder back on Guillermo’s Spanish fantasy films… both have been bittersweet and you better believe el Gordo hasn’t been laying the cajeta in too thick. Doug’s satyr, Pan isn’t the only creature, and the creatures aren’t the only monsters facing this little girl. Now – if only I could announce AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS as being in pre-production. Jesus, I want that film now.

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